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poniedziałek, 16 stycznia 2012

Cultural Exchange 2011

Cultural Exchange 2011

When Rachael from The little red farm invited me to participate in her Cultural exchange 2011, I was thrilled! Sure, I said, I'd love to do it! So, I completed the content of my packages in about two weeks... but did not send them until last weekend! Oops, that's two weeks later than I was supposed to! But, what happened? First, I bought so much stuff that I could not decide what to leave out (I am a Libra, you know? That’s the one with decision problems), since sending huge packages would have cost me a little fortune I don't have. Then, busy December came up with my toddler starting teething again (he only had six teeth until then and almost doubled them in a couple of weeks), my husband’s sore back (he could not move for almost a week because of a back strain as a result of lifting Gabi, ouch!), finally the Christmas madness and family festivities...not to forget my laziness afterword’s (that’s because of the full stomach, I guess, he he). My apologies to you, my dear Exchange Friends! But I did it; finally, I’ve sent them all, yay! J However, it will take four to six weeks until they arrive to destination, I was told.

Let’s take a glimpse of what’s inside:
·         A letter explaining the content and how to use it
·         A big Canada map
·         Canada’s flag and a postcard with Quebec’s flag
·         Some other postcards from Quebec
·         A few booklets about the history, culture and fauna of Quebec and Montreal
·         A big laminated place mat with Canadian animals
·         A Color-by number animal book
·         Some Canadian stickers and a Saw-on flag
·         A Canada exercise book along with a Canadian pencil
·         A small bottle with maple syrup
·         And finally some chocolate loonies, maple syrup cookies and a maple syrup lollipop
·         J

Enjoy it! J

2 komentarze:

Rachael pisze...

This package looks amazing! Thank you so much for participating!
I love reading your blog (thank goodness for google translate.
Best wishes from France to you and your family.

Pani Tanguera i Gabiś pisze...

Thank you, Rachael! I hope it arrives soon, so that you can use it right away.
I'd love to write my blog in English, too, but you know, got no time for that... Anyways, all updates on the exchange will be in English, I promise!
Have a Montessori day,