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wtorek, 29 maja 2012

Update: DIY garden labels in English!

After a lovely comment on my garden labels in Polish, I quickly decided to prepare an English version of them, should someone be interested in using them in their garden. ;-) Please be aware that all images are coming from different websites, and the labels should only be used privately.

Here comes a short instruction on how to put them together:
• Print labels on card stock, cut them out, laminate and cut out again, but be sure to leave a small border around the paper, in order to prevent water to damage the label
• Prepare 12 lids from canned frozen juice, or other similar, and glue labels on them with a hot gun
• Glue cart sticks on the other side of each lid
• Place markers on their designated places in your garden and enjoy them! ;-)
If you have older children than my toddler, let them help you cutting out your labels!
You can download the garden labels here.

4 komentarze:

Cris pisze...

Congratulations for the Counting Coconuts Giveaway!! I've also won it!!
I didn't know about your blog until now, but I really like it. I've also participated in one of Rachael's cultural exchanges and it really is a thrilling and enriching experience.
Is there a way of subscribing to your blog via e-mail? I'd like to read your latest updates.
Thanks and kind regards from Spain.

Pani Tanguera i Gabiś pisze...

Hi Cris,
Thank you for letting me know about winning! Can you believe it, but especially that weekend I was soooo busy and did not want to open my laptop... I've almost lost my price! Oh, boy...
As per your request, I added a Follow by email gadget and hope that it works well for you and for other, who would like to follow my itsy bitsy blog... ;-)
Have a wonderful week,
PS: I decided to wait until September with our Continent Boxes, because there is so much to do right now, and so many changes, that we simply have no time for that... And I would love to exchange with someone from Spain, where I spent a year many years ago... Oh, those wonderful days... ;-)

Secretari pisze...

Hahahah, I'm glad you arrived in time. I almost miss it too!! I have just subscribed to your blog.
I'm currently participating in a cultural exchange with a family from Slovenia and another one from the UK. It's my second exchange and I'm enjoying the experience.
Hope o read from you soon!
Un abrazo.
By the way, this is my blog: http://aitanaimama.blogspot.com.es/

Cris pisze...

Ooopss, I have just realized that I've signed with my husband's Google account (Secretari). Well, the one who wrote the comment is me, Cris ;)