"Dzieci nie są głupsze od dorosłych, tylko mają mniej doświadczenia." Janusz Korczak

"Nigdy nie pomagaj dziecku przy ćwiczeniu, jeśli czuje, że jest w stanie wykonać je samodzielnie" Maria Montessori

"Kiedy śmieje się dziecko, śmieje się cały świat. " Janusz Korczak

poniedziałek, 1 października 2012

Małgosia's countdown to her chemotherapy... hopefully!

To ALL of my friends and people who I do not even know, especially those living in CANADA and from Polish descendance: I would like to ask you to give a few minutes of your life to check out if you are a possible MARROW DONOR... and would be able to help Małgosia, a veterinarian working with my father-in-law, who has a rare cancer and just learned that there is no match for her in the worldwide bone marrow bank... But ONE OF YOU might be her match! And let her live! Go to her webpage to learn a little more about the cause... and help her!!!

What could be a better gift as to give some blood cells... and a (normal) life back to somebody! Małgosia's life depends on finding fast an appropriate donor... check out if you can be the one she's in need of! Please, do it soon!

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